Lighting Design Solution is a subject that has vast implication on architecture and interior spaces of the project. We have conceptualized and delivered many plans through our extensive design and technical capabilities in lighting. We believe in providing creative lighting design solution and strive for a bespoke lighting environment which is seamless, aesthetically and technologically advanced project across the sphere.

A good lighting design audit is required to be done that measures conditions against standards such as IBC, NLC to determine where cost-effective changes can be made to an existing design scheme. We help clients to revise lighting design concepts, improve specification & recommend lighting in interior or exterior architecture. Apart from that, these LED Design Solutions used in the large buildings to show the architecture. From front side of building, these lights can be used in pillars and columns to increase the beauty of buildings. We will try to explain some types of this light product.

We understand the value of teamwork and work closely with associated trades to ensure that the planned lighting is installed correctly, and that projects are implemented effectively and efficiently, first time, every time. We will analyze budgetary aspect of project and propose valuable inputs on specifications and do value engineering and keep the overall project under budget. our proactive approach during the concept design, commissioning and construction process is critical in the overall delivery of a well executed project with desired aesthetics.

Types of LED Light Solutions

As per industry experts, these light designs may have different architecture or shapes as per need or building structure. Their lighting beams can be changed when it is illuminated by artificial lighting during night or natural lighting.

 We can categorized these lights in following types:

  1. Solid facades: These buildings have smooth faces and mostly illuminated by natural light. Most of the office buildings use such lighting techniques. 
  2. Horizontally divided facades: Horizontal divisions can cast long and heavy shadows in the building’s facade. 
  3. Perforated facades: In this multiple lighting Technics can be used. 
  4. Vertical divided facades: In this narrow beam of light is used. Up light and down light combination can also be considered.